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Chidambaram Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in the heart of the temple town of Chidambaram,Tamil Nadu).The temple , 78 km south of Pondicherry and 235 Km from Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu state of southeastern India.

Dharshan Time
Morning 6.00.a.m to 12.00 noon
Evening 5.00.p.m. to 10.00 night

ARDHAJAAMAM pooja starts at 9:00pm with abhishekam and ends at 10:00pm ( Appro. Timings )


29.04.2016 Friday CHITHIRAI ONAM 6.30.p.m. to 10.30.p.m. @kanakasabhai

10.07.2016 Sunday AANITHIRUMANJANAM 3.30a.m. to 6.00a.m. @RAJASABHAI

15.09.2016 Thursday AAVANI CHATHURDHASI 6.30p.m. to 10.30p.m. @ kanakasabhai

14.10.2016 Friday PURATTASI CHATHURDHASI 6.30p.m. to 10.30p.m. @kanakasabhai

11.01.2017 Wednesday AARUDHRAA ABHISHEKAM 3.30a.m. to 6.00a.m. @ RAJASABHAI

11.03.2017, Saturday, MAASI CHATHURDHASI 6.30p.m. to 10.30p.m. @kanakasabhai

This website is a dedication to Lord Chidambaram Nataraja and is intended to provide information about the temple to the devotees.
This is not an official website of Chidambaram Temple and also we do not accept any donation.

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